Friday, November 4, 2016

" Christmas in the Country" 2016

Rose Petals Past, discover our handpainted vintage styled Artwork
at " Christmas In the Country" Gatton Qld
Sat 5th November

Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Covering" a Mixed Media Tutorial

I have wanted to paint this canvas for ages! I love the imagery of heartfelt words, brave courageous statements of vulnerable hearts being covered by the wings of peace and protection. Be free to express who you are and how you feel.
Psalm 91 v 4
"He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings"

Step 1. Print out laser copies of your favourite quotes,
 poems and sayings, adhere them to your canvas
 using #Decopage Matte Medium 
When dry add a thin layer of Gesso over your words.

Step 2. Using a graphite pencil , draw in your wing shape,
 Basecoat your wings in a neutral Grey. I have used #Americana DECOR Chalky Finish in the colour Yesteryear.
 Next add shadows in Burnt Umber.

Step 3. Using the graphite pencil, outline the paper quotes in the background,
 add water on a brush to smudge around the corners.
 Start to paint in your feathers individually,
 first with Warm White, then highlight with Titanium White.

Step 4. Block in your rose and leaf shapes, add shading and highlighting layers.

Step 5. Finish painting in your roses using an angle brush, 
 wash some diluted pink around the roses and a hint on the wings,
 add a touch of Paynes Grey for shading around the outer edges of some feathers.

Step 6. Using Modelling paste and a palette knife, apply texture through various stencils into the edges of canvas. Allow to dry. Using the grey basecoat colour add some shadow to the edges of canvas using a small foam roller.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Workshop Wednesday Transformation of Cardboard Folders

 This is my version of a makeover for Cardboard Folders for the office.
 Start with plain folders. I found these at Kmart for $2 each. Bargain!

Glue some music paper or other collage paper to the front of folder,
 I have used #Decopage Matte Medium
Choose a stencil and apply design repeatedly over the front and side of folder using Gesso and a makeup sponge. The Gesso will act as a resist for our project.
Choose another stencil and apply texture paste through stencil, leave to dry. I used a Stencil Girl floral mask on this folder.
Next  choose at least three/four spray ink colours.
 I have used a combination of Dylusion Sprays and Kaisercraft Sprays.

Keep spraying over your design in different colours, adding water with a spray bottle, allowing some colours to run into each other.
 Keep the middle section fairly clear for where your inspirational words will be placed later on.

If you wish to lighten the intensity of the colours
 just roll over your texture with a roll of paper towel.
 As the ink dries and sinks into the texture the colours will lighten slightly. 
See what a difference a little spray of yellow can do!
To finish dampen a fan brush, dip it into Titanium White and splatter over
 the folder with random dots.
 When completely dry I have added some more texture leaves
 using # Decoart Media Crackle Paste.
Choose your saying, print it out and cut and paste into place using the matte medium.
 I have then given the whole folder a coat of matte medium for protection.

I can't stop making these! Great for presents for those organised people in your life or the ones that need a push to get organised!
For this folder I chose a different rose stencil, softer spray colours, more water  and more white speckles.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Brave Girls Club Featured my Birdie art!

Today Brave Girls Club featured one of my original artworks on their Daily Truth Emails, They have a fantastic program that combines art and healing which empowers women all over the world.

 This is the Artwork Brave Girls Club chose to feature today

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Workshop Wednesday Vintage Style " Don't Be Afraid of Change" Canvas Tutorial

Step 1.
Start with a canvas (20cm x 30 cm) that have been collaged with papers that you love. I have chosen  a black and white theme using paper napkins, tissue paper, paper doily and some Tim Holtz idea-ology music paper. I have used #Decoart Decoupage medium to adhere paper to canvas.

Step 2
Brush on a little Gesso here and there to blend out the background. Block in circles for your roses.

Step 3
Use a filbert brush with washes of Olive green, Vines and Raindrop ( Jo Sonja Artist Colours) for the leaves. Add rose shadows in Burnt Umber.

Step 4
Load the filbert brush (or angle brush) with your rose colour and Warm White, Paint in the strokes around the Burnt Umber center first, then work outwards for side and bottom petals. 

Step 5
Choose your printed vintage image, cut out the shape and use the Decopage medium to adhere to canvas.
 Do the same with your printed paper butterflies.
 Draw in the butterflies feelers with a Black alcohol ink pen. 
Using fabric stiffening medium adhere the embroidered lace butterfly to the corner of canvas, allow to dry.
 Print out your chosen saying, glue onto canvas, when dry outline with a black graphite pencil.Also outline your vintage girl image.
 Using a damp brush go around the wording strips and butterfly girl to smudge out the graphite for a shadow effect.
Use an old dampened toothbrush dipped in the rose colours to speckle the canvas lightly by running your thumb over the bristles and flicking the paint.
Use the Decopage Medium or brush on varnish to give the canvas a final protective coat.